Privacy Policy

The types of personal information we collect:

  • Name, email address and school/college address for teachers registered on the website
  • Name, year group, gender, school/college and mark attained of students taking part in the competition

How we get the personal information and why we have it

The personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for one of the following reasons:
  • During registration, so we can verify your teacher status at the school/college specified and contact you with the paper, mark scheme, and competition details, and send you reminders if you have signed up for these, and send certificates and accompanying documents to the school/college.
  • The details of students are entered so we can process the marks to decide on award boundaries, and print certificates with names (the names printed correspond exactly to the names entered here). We require year group information to confirm the students are eligible to take part, and gender information for organising the residential summer camps.
The information provided is only shared with members of the C3L6 team and will not be shared by us externally. We rely on your consent during registration/students' participation in the competition for processing your details in line with this policy. You can remove consent at any time by deleting your account/contacting from your registered email address, but please note your students' details will also be deleted at the same time. If a student wishes to withdraw their consent for us processing their details, they should in the first instance contact the teacher responsible for C3L6 at their school/college, who will be able to delete their entry into the competition which will permanently delete the student data from our database.

How we store your personal information

Your information is securely stored in our database based at the University of Cambridge. We will delete student details annually, when resetting for the next year of the competition, and will delete teacher accounts after approximately three years of inactivity, on an annual basis. You can delete your account at any time but please be aware that your students' details will also be deleted at the same time.
Please make a copy of your students' results at the end of each competition/academic year should you wish to store them in line with your own institutions' privacy policies.

Data access and rectification

If you have an account on our page, you can view all the information we hold about you on your profile page, where you can also update any details as necessary. If you are moving school/college, we are asking that you create a new account with your new institution's email address if you will be in charge of C3L6 at the new institution.

Cookies Policy

At present, all Cookies we use are essential for the website's functioning, so it is not possible to opt out while continuing to use our site. This is in line with the exemptions allowed in the relevant legislation. Should we change this and start using Cookies for Analytics etc purposes that are not required, you will be informed of this on your first visit to our site following any change, and you will be able to opt out.

If you have any concerns about the above policies, please contact us on